9 Eco-friendly Tips to make Valentine’s Day Sustainable 2022

9 Eco-friendly Tips to make Valentine’s Day Sustainable 2022

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! It is the day of romance, the day we show our loved ones how deeply we care with gifts and presents. But do you know what that costs earth? We hardly think about it, but Valentine’s Day can be a real environmental disaster. 


black couple Sustainable valentines day


Let’s do it differently this year, let's make Mother Nature proud. Here are our top tips to make this valentine's eco-friendly.



What’s better than a romantic staycation at home or in a hotel an hour or two away? By doing so you’re saving on tonnes of carbon emissions released by flights across Europe.


2. Eat Local for Dinner 

If you’re planning a romantic dinner this Valentine's, consider eating at a local restaurant. Most local restaurants use local ingredients, thus no huge carbon footprint.


Eating at local restaurant


3. No more cards. Say I Love you 

We cut down 300,000 trees annually, just so we can tell someone how much we love them? How about, we simply say “I love you”. 


4. Support Local Artists and Musicians 

Art is surely an expression of love. This Valentine’s Day, visit a local art gallery or theatre, support your local artists, and connect to your loved one.


5. Find Sustainable Makers 

Valentine is a great time for pampering. I’m talking about taking care of yourself and your lover. Gift your love 100% organic, vegan skincare products that will keep them happy and healthy. 


Valentine body scrub


6. Bye, Bye Wrapping Paper 

Wrap your gift with just love, not paper. Use recyclable alternatives like brown paper and natural string. Choose one that your partner will absolutely love.


7. Visit Mother Nature 

Let love blossom! Take your love on a vacation to a natural destination or even a camping trip to enjoy each other's company in peace.


couple hiking in nature for valentines day


8. DIY Gifts

Nothing is more meaningful than a love-filled hand-crafted gift. It is something, that reflects how you feel, and it shows how much you care.


9. Plants, plants, and more plants 

Flowers are so cliché. Honestly, why buy a bouquet when there are houseplants, succulent or, even trees? Plants aren’t pesticide-filled and do not contribute to polluting the groundwater, which makes them a 1000 times better gift.



See, it’s that simple to spread love in unique ways while still preserving the environment. Be gentle on the planet and make this Valentine’s Day eco-friendly. The possibilities are limitless.