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8 Sustainable Resolutions For An Eco-Friendly New Year


As 2021 draws to a close, it is that time of the year again. What time you are wondering? Well, the one to make resolutions, of course.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that responsible and sustainable living must be promoted to keep people in the best of health and spirits.

Therefore, this year, let’s skip the conventional resolutions and embrace eco-friendly ones that can help us all make a bigger difference while doing right by the people and the planet:


1. Reduce Your Beauty Waste

Do you know how many tissues or wipes you use every day during makeup application and removal?

Too many to admit, we’re assuming. 

Make a resolution to reduce your beauty waste, and this begins by knowing how much waste you produce. Keep a basket on your dresser to accumulate the total used wipes and throw it away at day’s end.

As you understand your waste, you can switch to better, eco-friendly options, such as crochet makeup removal wipes.


2. Swap For Fashion

Did you know that the global textile industry is responsible for pumping a whopping 1.22-2.93 billion metric tons into the environment every year?

This year, skip the trend bandwagon and fast fashion purchases and begin a new trend instead – Clothes Swap.

Form groups with strangers of your size and age, and swap clothes monthly for a wardrobe upgrade. At no cost to you or the environment, certainly a win-win!


3. Eat Less Meat

Livestock farming and meat consumption facilitate the release of methane, CO2, and other greenhouse gases that destruct natural ecosystems.

This year, vow to reduce your red meat intake. Take baby steps. Switch to chicken, and later to vegetarianism.

Plus point; if you’re looking to get fit and lean, this could be your new diet plan!


4. Choose Real and Sustainable Beauty Products

As the makeup and body care industry continues to witness soaring demand, you should make one necessary change for next year: Be cautious about the beauty products purchased. Choose sustainable packaging, organic ingredients, and less-to-no additives, e.g., lip scrubs made with real fruit. 


organic edible lip scrub 

5. Walk Instead of Driving

Automobiles leave a vast carbon footprint.

As 2020 saw lockdowns imposed, and consequently, a surge in demand for bicycles, boots, and hiking supplies, here’s what you can do next year:

When possible, try to walk, take public transport, or bicycle your way.

Play your part in protecting the environment.


6. Purchase A Water Bottle

As much as hydrating is important for our skin, the plastic container of the water – unfortunately – is not so good for the environment.

One plastic bottle takes about 1000 years to decompose. Let that sink in.

Fortunately, you can prevent one such bottle from ending up in the landfill – yours.

Switch to a steel bottle that you can carry everywhere and refill when finished.


7. Skip The Plastic Bags

Continuing towards our “Less-Plastic” endeavor, the infamous plastic bags are next.

In the US, 100 billion plastic bags are thrown every year. They take thousands of years to decompose.

By purchasing a cloth tote (fashionable and sustainable!), or mesh bag, you can skip the plastic bag on your next mall and supermarket run.


8. Indulge In Eco-Friendly Self Care

This year, vow to pamper yourself. A physically and mentally healthier you will also be happier, which is just what everybody needs after the series of lockdowns and pandemic regulations.

One way to do so will be to switch to self-care products like lip and body scrubs and clay masks – organic and eco-friendly ones of course.

While there are many options in the market, not many of them can vow to be vegan, organically produced, or sustainable.

So, carefully pick and choose, and you’ll be all set.



This new year, make a resolution that leads to a positive change in your life and that of others.

Choose to go eco-friendly, and you will find that the sustainable way of living is, in fact, the ultimate way of living.