Skincare that loves you back

The key ingredient is FUN

Skincare should not only be simple and effective but it should also creat a fun experience in your self care routine.

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Although we want our products to help target your skin concerns. Our #1 priority is to remind you to celebrate who you are now in this moment. So it’s time to normalize acne, hyperpigmentation, textured skin and dark spots. The way your skin looks today, should define your worth.

Be kind to yourself! And always practice progress over perfection.

Quality values

We formulate our products with high quality natural ingredients to keep your skin happy and healthy. We believe the act of self-care should be fun, relaxing, and deeply personal. And we do it all while protecting the environment and our communities with mindful sustainability practices and packaging.

our standards

Meet the Founder

Growing up as a plus size black woman, I feel like I was reminded again and again that I wasn’t what was considered beautiful. I thought that if only I were the perfect size or had the perfect skin that I would be enough. Eventually though, my mindset evolved. I re-examined beauty standards and decided I would not be found wanting. I came to accept myself as I was, and as I am, now. In this moment. 

I created Terra and Self not to be a brand that “makes” you beautiful, but to be a brand that sees your beauty now, and celebrates who you are, uniquely and naturally.