Terra & Self is a clean beauty brand on a mission to shift back to the true meaning of a beauty routine. We believe a skincare routine is first and foremost about how it makes you feel on the inside and we are here to build you up, not tear you down.

"After working in marketing for over 5 years, I noticed that the beauty industry was not only solving problems but creating them."

Kenne (Nene) Johnson


Time to Switch Things Up

For decades, the beauty industry has employed predatory marketing tactics to instill insecurities and drive product sales. We believe in bringing back the ritual in beauty and self-care routines. As a beauty brand, we believe our job is helping you feel good on the inside, not "fixing" the outside.


We prioritize using high-quality, naturally derived ingredients in our products. Our formulas include skin-loving elements like shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant rich vitamin E, while avoiding irritants such as aluminum and baking soda in our deodorants.

Putting "Care" back in Skincare

We believe how you approach skincare is deeply connected to your relationship with yourself. Are you using skincare as a way to pour back into yourself after a long day? Or as a way of making yourself look good enough?

"I've found that my skincare routine is my reminder that I'm worthy of being cared for"

Kenne (Nene) Johnson FOUNDER OF TERRA & SELF

"Spreading love begins by lifting up our community, for in unity, we cultivate a world brimming with compassion and kindness."