Our Maker


I have long had a passion for beauty and self-care, and an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by my mother. So you can say, when I launched Terra and Self in September 2020, it was simply a no brainer. As a beauty and self-care enthusiast, I quickly discovered that my routine was creating endless amounts of waste. My passion was making me feel guilty, which I thought was no way to enjoy self-care at all.


I founded Terra and Self with the hope that everyone can continue to enjoy a little self-care without the guilt. Inspired by an appreciation for the earth and all its elements, I aim to deliver sustainable products that keep every aspect of my community in mind. As the founder of Terra and Self, I am committed to forming a new industry standard for sustainability across beauty, while encouraging conversation around self-care that empower women.


Today, it is with great pride and joy that I deliver sustainable products direct to consumers across North America and Europe, and to see the joy on peoples faces when they finally enjoy their moment of self-care. It is an honor to create for women who care for their mind and body, and who want to uplift their unique self.


Terra and Self is more than just a beauty and self-care brand, it’s a movement that celebrates self, while honoring the earth. As we continue to grow, I promise our commitment to you and the environment will stay the same. Thanks for joining!