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Our magnesium based formula is aluminum & baking soda free and will help kill bacteria without any rashes or irritation.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

This deodorant did not disappoint, and I'm beyond thrilled at how well it's been working for me! I've tried other natural deodorants from Target (Native, Hey Humans), and halfway through the day I smell awful. But this deodorant from terra & self is fantastic, and I'm so thankful!


This deodorant is a game changer! I am obsessed! Lasts all day, smells great!!!!


Love this, been looking for awhile for a deodorant that was natural and I took a chance on this, and I did good on my choice. It keeps me from stinking compare to other deodorants I have tried that didnt. Plus I feel safe using this not to worry of any harmful chemicals & it works. Im really happy with this purchase.


I absolutely love the peachy pits deodorant. This is my second time purchasing it and it’s my favorite deodorant I’ve ever had. I love that I can use it anywhere, not just under my arms. It smells amazing. I don’t need perfume anymore because this takes it’s place. All around amazing, it’s great!