6 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Ideas 2022 

6 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Ideas 2022 

Every year when the snow starts melting, the weather begins to warm up and the first flowers start to bloom, it signals the start of beautiful spring. 

Spring makes us want to clean our homes to welcome its natural warmth and light. If you’re also in the spring cleaning mood, here are 6 super simple steps you can take to clean your home the eco-way.


1. Ditch the paper towels 

Do you know that paper towels production causes deforestation, chemical pollution in freshwaters, and fills up landfills?

As you can see, paper towels are not sustainable. And trust me, you don’t need paper towels to accomplish your cleaning goals.

Replace your single-use paper towels with sustainable, reusable eco-friendly cleaning cloths that don’t pile up in the trash. 


2. Switch to cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable 

Spring brings out our cleaning spirit and to clean you need cleaning products. Unfortunately, many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can trigger rashes or irritate your respiratory system and are downright harmful to the environment. 


This year, try something new and create your own or shop for non-toxic cleaning solutions. Many household products, like baking soda and vinegar, serve as strong cleaning agents and essential oils can leave your home smelling lovely.


3. Use less water 

Our planet is 70% water, yet clean water remains a luxury in most parts of the world. 

It is usual to clean with a lot of water, but this spring, try to reduce your water usage. Sweep instead of mopping when you can and place a tracking mat by the front door to reduce the amount of mopping you'll have to do.


4. Reuse and repurpose things around the house 

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to cost much. Instead of using manufactured cleaning supplies why not reuse and repurpose things around the house.

Use an old toothbrush to clean small corners, an old sock for dusting, or sew an old towel into a Swiffer mop cover. If you’re willing to get creative, the possibilities are endless!



5. Brighten the home with air-purifying plants 

Spring brings with it nice weather and the only thing that feels more satisfying than a cleaned house, is a house that smells fresh. 

Instead of relying on air fresheners, just invest in some fragrance plants to always make your home smell fresh. 


6. Donate, sell or give away items you no longer use

As you declutter your home, you’re will find some textiles that you don’t want anymore.

Instead of getting rid of it, find a local shelter, nonprofit or government agency that will take in your gently used items to find them new homes.


This spring, choose to do your cleaning with eco-friendly products. You will find that you get the same result and our environment will love you for it.